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Thank you very much for taking a chance at marking difference in your life, and for allowing me to be part of the beginning toward a better version of yourself. My name is Alma Lara; I graduated from “Tecnologico de Monterrey” with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science and I have had the opportunity to work in two of the most important television stations in Mexico and the United States: Televisa and Univision. In 2015, I earned the Life Coach Certification through SLCT (Seattle Life Coaching Training) and since then I have tremendously enjoyed seeing clients reach goals and seeing their dreams come true.

Since I can remember, I have always had the desire and inclination to help people; help them find peace, overcome obstacles and see the positive side in any situation. However, it wasn’t until a few years after my youngest son was diagnosed with autism that I found my life purpose and mission to serve.

With this experience as a mother that definitely shook the foundation of my life, I realized that we all have the capacity to reach emotional growth in any circumstance that presents itself, no matter how difficult it may be; we all have the capacity to find growth opportunities, especially in our darkest moments. To carry on with my family after this event awoke within me the desire of internal change, to make a profound cleansing of paradigms and beliefs, to let go of fears and reinvent myself after 40 years of life!

My mission as a Life Coach is to inspire each and every one of my clients to create the best version of themselves, to offer them efficient tools and techniques that will help them reach their maximum potential and to experience a “before and after” that positively transforms their lives forever.