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Kaleidoscope: The Beauty of our Broken Pieces

Do you know what a kaleidoscope is?

It is a tube made of cardboard or plastic with broken glass colors in the bottom. When you look in, the glass is just broken pieces at first, but when you direct the tube towards the light those broken pieces are reflected in three mirrors and begin to form the most beautiful, unique and unequaled figures! Every time you move the kaleidoscope, the broken pieces are arranged and put back together in a new way, giving them new life and new meaning.

Our lives are like a kaleidoscope, full of broken pieces at the bottom: our struggles, tough experiences, learning, challenges, unexpected events, and pain.

With only the naked eye and no light, the kaleidoscope is empty, ordinary and unhappy. But when we turn our life to the light, when we let the rays of light enter our interior and touch our broken pieces, that same life, those same “broken” pieces are magically transformed into perfection. The pieces are still the same broken glass – the same challenges, the same pain, the same experiences… but through the light they become transformed into something beautiful and magical. Each piece inside our kaleidoscope is crucial to form this new, unique, and perfect vision.

We all have our broken pieces.

As a life coach, I know many people go through very difficult times. I know it is hard to see the beauty of the moment at times, but this is an invitation to raise your face up and look at the sky, to feel the rays of light inside your heart. We ALL have the ability to direct our kaleidoscope to the light.

There are people who will never notice the beauty and perfection in their lives and will only continue to see broken pieces. But I know that you have accepted this invitation today because you are ready to find that light in your life….

I want you to embrace your imperfections and your struggles.

These broken pieces are your life, and I promise you it is possible to rearrange them into something beautiful with a little bit of light. Let’s walk together, I will help you see inside your own kaleidoscope the best set of figures and colors that you have ever seen. I am not saying this will be easy and it is definitely a process that takes time, but I’m sure we can start by removing the curtains that cover your inner soul and let the light shine within. This is the first step. Are you ready?

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